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Ka-Ku Smokey Green Bottle

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Hario Ka-Ku Bottle is a new way to prepare delicious and refreshing cold brew tea.

Brewing method

Have you ever tried brewing tea with cold water? Just pour your favourite tea into the bottle, pour it over with cold water and put the bottle in the fridge. This brewing method results in a smooth and rich flavour without hints of bitterness. The filter in the upper part of the bottle keeps leaves inside for a clear infusion.

It is also great for preparing flavoured water – just add your favourite fruit instead of tea leaves.


The bottle is made of Tritan – it is lightweight, durable, and food-safe. The top part is made of silicone, and the filter is plastic. The materials, as well as the wide opening, make the maintenance easy. Thanks to the shape of the bottle, you can store it standing or lay it on its side.

Manufactured by: Hario

Country of origin: Japan

Material: Tritan and silicone

Capacity: 1200ml

Barcode: 4977642037588

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