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We have established our, albeit small, Java Coffee community guided by the idea of bringing the aroma, particularities and enjoyment of freshly roasted coffee to coffee lovers along with providing an experience in exploring and discovering an ideal cup to your taste.

As a domestic roaster, we have a vision of bringing our consumers closer to world trends, enhancing their perception of coffee and educating them.

As a team, we strive to be innovative and maintain a dynamic in choosing grains in order to give everybody the opportunity to find their own favorite layer of flavor.

The result of our love is our coffee in your cup.



Specialty Coffee  is a result of dedication and commitment of an entire chain of coffee production as well as all its participants, from the harvesting and selecting the green grain to manufacturing and roasting grains, with special attention given to quality control of the final product that is in your cup. This process is made up of standardized production, scoresheets and detailed quality control so that the grains can find the way to your heart.

Single Origin coffee consists of grains originating from one country, region, plantation or a part of a plantation where the weather conditions were most favorable in the harvesting year.

Espresso Blend  involves a process of combining grains of different origin which demands considerable experience and passion. The most important elements are choosing the suitable coffee grains, their mixture in a particular ratio, choosing the appropriate temperatures when roasting, as well as the roasting time. The ideal balance in creating a mixture results in a balanced and full coffee flavor.