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Ima na stanju

Red Madness

620.00 RSD

Red Madness is an exuberant herbal infusion that ignites the senses with its bold blend of hibiscus petals, elderflower berries, and a tantalizing red fruit aroma. This vibrant concoction features course-cut hibiscus petals that infuse a brilliant crimson hue into the brew, setting the stage for a visually stunning tea experience. The delicate sweetness of elderflower berries complements the tartness of hibiscus, creating a harmonious balance of flavors. Meanwhile, the enticing red fruit aroma adds a layer of complexity and intrigue to each sip, enticing the palate with its fruity allure. Red Madness is cherished for its refreshing tartness, floral undertones, and invigorating aroma, making it a captivating choice for those seeking a vibrant and energizing herbal infusion.

Each pack contains 20 filter bags.

Manufactured by: Koza Coffee LLC

Country of origin: India

Net weight: 50gr